私は、東京学芸大学 特別教科教員養成課程 数学科を卒業後、リクルートに入社。 







令和元年 七月十日 寺澤勇一郎

After I graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, I entered Recruit Co., Ltd.  
I worked in the sales department of the job advertisement, and I received the prize for top sales six months later. 
Since this first prize, I kept achieving the business objectives and top sales until I changed this job.

After three years, I changed my career to the production of an advertising in which I engaged in creating advertisements for a big corporation, bank, and sports organization.

The reason why I decided to change my job from the one related to only the job advertisement is that I can improve my ability as a sales person.
In the second company, I could also attained success.
I believe that the experience in previous company, which gave me opportunities to learn how to express hidden values, contributed to my success in the second company.

The recommendations from the then clients encouraged me to start my own business in 1997.
Because I thought that the mission in running my business was to coach and train my employees so that they can be admired highly by my clients, I instructed my employees the way to success, which I built from my experiences.

Recently, the way of training in my company has been improved more, hence my company has grown to the organization whose members think and act on their own initiatives.
Therefore, I do not give them direction and require them to come to the office.

This is because I think that the given resolution is less likely to make impression, and managers and leaders are usually troubled by employees who do not act by their initiatives.

I hope I can help people who train employees in earnest and work by sharing my more than 22 years of management experience and my ideas about “What I wanted to do”, “something you want to ask CEO”, “how difficult to think liberally”, and “Human resource who is needed”.

Yuichiro Terasawa